23rd January 2018, Daily Current Affairs Quiz

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23rd January Quiz

UPSC PRELIMS QUIZ of STATIC PORTION and NCERT is also publish everyday.Search Google for Mitras Prelims Quiz

(1) Choose correct statement/s regarding iCREAT

1) iCREAT facility recently inaugurated in Tamil Nadu

2) It’s aim is to develop an ecosystem in India to generate quality entrepreneurs

a) Only 1

b) Only 2

c) 1 and 2

d) None

(2) Under which of the following Article/s of the Constitution MLA and MP’s can
be disqualified on ground of holding office of Profit

1)Article 105

2) Article 102

3) Article 191

4) Article 110

a. 1 and 2

b. 2 and 3

c. 3 and 4

d. 1 Only

(3) Recently I4F was in news ,it is associated with

1) India

2) USA

3) Japan

4) Israel

A. 1 and 2

B. 1 and 3

C. 1 and 4

D. 1, 2 and 4

(4) Drake passage was recently in news ,it is located between which of the following continents

1) North America

2) South America

3) Artic

4) Antarctica

a. 1 and 2

b. 2 and 3

c. 2 and 4

d. 1 and 3

(5) Which of the following state recently granted 1% reservations to orphans

A. Tamil Nadu

B. Telangana

C. Gujarat

D. Maharashtra

(6) Oslo accord is related with which of the following countries

A. North Korea and South Korea

B. Israel and Palestine

C. China and South China Sea countries

D. Sudan and South Sudan

(7) National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority is under Which ministry

A. Ministry of HRD

B. Ministry of Chemical and Fertiliser

C. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

D. None


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