Appointment and Term of Comptroller and Auditor General of India

he CAG is appointed by the President under his hand and seal. He cannot be removed from his office except in like manner and on grounds as of a judge of Supreme Court.

Every person to be appointed as the CAG shall make and subscribe before the President an oath that he would:

  1. Bear true faith or allegiance to Constitution of India;
  2. Uphold the sovereignty and integrity of India;
  3. Duly and faithfully and to best of his ability, knowledge and judgment, perform the duties of his office without fear or favour, affection or ill will;
  4. Uphold the Constitution and laws.

Term and Conditions of Service

The salary of the CAG shall be such as are determined by the Parliament by law.

The CAG of India holds office for a term of six years or until he attains the age of 65 years, whichever is earlier, as per the law of Parliament (CAG DPC Act 1971).

The office of the CAG becomes vacant if he resigns or removed by Parliament only on grounds as of a Judge of the Supreme Court, or he has completed his term. The resolution of his removal shall be passed by a special majority in both the houses of Parliament. If the CAG is found guilty on grounds of ‘proved misbehaviour’ or ‘incapacity’, in that inquiry voting on resolution is permissible.

The CAG is not eligible for further office either under the Government or any state after he ceases to hold office.

The administrative expenses of office of the CAG including salaries, pensions or allowances to him or persons working in that office shall be charged upon Consolidated Fund of India

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