GS Paper I- History and Geography of the World and Society.

India Slips To 8th Rank In Valuable Nation Brand List.


  • India is ranked the eighth most valuable nation brand while the United States retained its top position and China took the second spot in the league of nations according to Brand Finance’s Nation Brands 2017.
  • India went down one spot over the previous year, the report said, because the economy grew at its slowest pace.
  • India switched places with Canada and its brand value dropped by one percentage point while that of Canada’s rose 14 per cent. China, the fastest growing nation brand in 2017, saw valuation grow 44 per cent.


Highlights Of The Development–

  • The report says that China has gained because in a virtuous circle, Chinese brands and the transformed national image of China as an emerging global power are reinforcing each other. India, on the other hand, has taken a hit on several fronts. Reforms must be introduced to maximise job creation, provide fiscal support and to boost economic growth.
  • India improved its brand rating from ‘AA-’ to ‘AA’ though, but failed to make it into the top ten ‘best performing’ or ‘strongest’ brands. Brand analysts list democracy, diversity, young population and technological receptivity as the pillars of India’s brand value. Brand consultant Bharat Bambawale said that India’s strategy for GDP growth should focus on services and investment.
  • The report also said that India is seen stronger in attributes related to culture and weaker in attributes related to business.
  • According to Haigh, India has surpassed China and the US as the top recipient of greenfield foreign direct investment and the key task is to maintain this position. He also said that the real long-term growth of both the Chinese and the Indian economy has cooled off since last year, but the Chinese economy is still perceived as less risky.
  • The report points out that the dynamic between American and Chinese nation brands is mirrored by the broader trends of Western stagnation and Asian advance. Established European nation brands, such as Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, Austria, record either a decline or a negligible growth of value. At the same time, Asian nation brands grew at breakneck speed.
  • One of the most interesting stories among nation brands in 2017 is that of Iceland. Its tourism industry is booming, post the success of Game of Thrones that was shot in the country, helping it become the fastest growing nation brand of 2017, up 83 per cent from last year (2016).
  • India, on the other hand, saw a two per cent drop in tourism over the past year.

Sources- Business-Standard.

GS Paper II- International Relations.

BRICS-Themed Subway Train Debuts In Xiamen, China.



  • A BRICS-themed subway train started test operations on 6th October, 2017 in the southeastern Chinese city of Xiamen in China.
  • The subway train has six carriages including five carriages representing different cultures of the BRICS bloc: China, Brazil, Russia, South Africa and India.


Highlights Of The Development-

  • The Indian carriage depicts elephants and yoga.
  • The Chinese carriage is red and displays icons such as the Great Wall and Tian’anmen Square while the Brazilian carriage is green and decorated with images of footballs and football stars.
  • The Russian carriage shows off the country’s ballet and matryoshka dolls while the South African carriage displays pictures of diamonds.
  • The sixth carriage combines cultural elements from all five BRICS countries.
  • The train has already proved popular among Xiamen residents. The 2017 BRICS Summit was held in Xiamen in September, 2017.
  • The Xiamen Subway Line 1 launched another three themed trains during its test operations.
  • The subway’s test operations will last until October 11, 2017.
  • Xiamen started construction on the subway line in April 2014 and it will begin trial run at the end of 2017.

Sources- Global Times.


GS Paper III- Technology.

Hyderabad To Host Knowledge & Tech Meet On Fisheries In March, 2018.


  • More than 200 exhibitors from abroad are expected to take part in a knowledge and technology conference on fisheries to be held here from March 15, 2018.
  • The first edition of ‘AquaEx-India’ is being organised by the newly formed Society for Indian Fisheries and Aquaculture (SIFA).
  • The three-day knowledge and technology conference on fisheries is expected to attract more than 200 exhibitors from foreign countries, SIFA president V Ramachandra Raju said.


Highlights Of The Development-

  • According to the organisers, the fisheries sector provides employment, income and livelihood for about 14.5 million people in the country.
  • The fish production in India has increased from 0.75 MMT in 1950-51 to about 10.79 MMT in 2016-17. Production over the years has shifted from capture fisheries to aquaculture, they said.
  • Raju said that though the Indian fisheries and aquaculture is growing steadily over the years, the industry needs support in terms of new technologies and species, quality inputs, efficient equipment, better services, quality manpower and marketing to further increase the fish production.
  • Through the event, the organisers are seeking to create a global platform for Indian fisheries and aquaculture players to access the latest technologies, services and equipment.
  • Telangana Commissioner of Fisheries Suvarna Chandrappagari said the government is keen to support the growth of the industry in the state.
  • They said that they would like to encourage new entrepreneurs to venture into this sector. They are hopeful they will be able to contribute to the growth of the industry and aqua consumption.

Sources- The Times Of India.