‘’Paper 4-GS-IV, Topic: Indian Economy and issues relating to planning, mobilization of resources, growth, development and employment.

GST storm brews in services sector

   Important points:

  • With just 15 days remaining for the rollout of a new tax regime, experts have raised a red flag over the challenges faced by the services sector in moving to the Goods and Services Tax system.
  • The key issue is that the GST Network is yet to begin accepting fresh registrations.
  • The GSTN portal, which was open for a month in April and again for 15 days in June, has only been accepting requests for migration from the current regime to the GST system.

   New rule and problems:

  • Under the current tax system, a service company with multiple offices across India needs to take one service registration number. However, under the GST system, it will be required to get registration done in each State where it has operations.
  • All service companies have been made to undergo a very cumbersome exercise of doing the registration process all over again, in relation to their branch registrations.
  • The key problem in hand is that the IT system and the GSTN system are not accepting new registrations during the current window opened for registration — it is currently confined only to migration.
  • So, all the services companies having pan-India operations, which typically includes sectors like technology, advertising, consulting, logistics, etc, are faced with this situation of not having State-level GSTIN (Goods and Services Tax Identification Number)
  • Government has indicated that the portal shall be open for fresh registration before July 1, with just 15 days remaining it may lead to a lot of confusion and rush towards the deadline.

   Steps from Governments side:

  • Maybe the government will do some relaxation by saying the GST number is not needed on the invoice, but only needed by the date of filing of returns.
  • For any person to migrate to GST, he or she is required to be registered under the current law either as a service provider or as a dealer.
  • Based on that, they are given a user name and password, using which they can log on to the GSTN website to register under the new regime and upload documents.
  • Officials said, the registration process was not complicated, and if the software worked, then it happened quickly.

    Source: The Hindu


‘’Paper 3-GS-II, Topic: Infrastructure: Energy, Ports, Roads, Airports, Railways etc.

Land acquisition for naval project kicks up storm

   Important points:

  • Fishermen here are seething with anger over reports that the Andhra Pradesh government plans to issue notification for the third phase land acquisition for the Naval Alternate Operational Base to dock India’s indigenously-built nuclear powered submarine Arihant.
  • At a time when the displaced families are continuing their protests over the government’s failure to provide jobs after acquiring nearly 4,600 acres in the Atchutapuram and Rambilli mandals of the district.
  • About 60 km from the headquarters of the Eastern Naval Command, reports that another round of land acquisition is on the cards have forced them to become belligerent.
  • Government has formed a committee comprising senior officials of the Navy, the district administration and other agencies to remove the “hurdles” in land acquisition as NAOB is of ‘topmost priority’ to the Ministry of Defence.
  • The authorities washed their hands of by providing 150 square yards to each displaced family at Dibbapalem.
  • Recently, people squatted before the main gate of NAOB to express their resentment over failure to provide them employment as even contract workers.
  • He said they would intensify the agitation against fresh land acquisition, and insist on the authorities providing job to at least one member of each displaced family.
  • Though the construction of NAOB began about seven to eight years ago, it is not known when it will be completed.


   Source: Indian Express


‘’Paper 3-GS-II, Topic: Conservation, environmental pollution and degradation, environmental impact assessment

Ray of hope for Thar’s endangered wildlife

   Endangered rescue:

  • In an attempt to reduce mortality of endangered wildlife in Thar desert, new “rescue wards” have come up in the far-flung rural areas of Jodhpur, Rajasthan.
  • These will provide quick treatment to animals injured in road accidents, dog bites and fights.


  • With an average of nearly 1,000 injuries a year, the wildlife in Thar desert has witnessed 60% mortality because of lack of transport to the main rescue centre at the Jodhpur zoo.
  • This has led to the depletion of wildlife, mainly chinkaras (Indian gazelles).
  • The Forest Department’s move to set up 17 rescue wards has come as a much-needed support to the Bishnoi community of western Rajasthan, which has been in the forefront of wildlife conservation.
  • Bishnois risk their lives to save gazelles from poachers and transport injured animals to Jodhpur.

   Training for villagers:

  • The rescue wards were launched on Sunday, before the onset of monsoon which causes widespread mortality among gazelles as they cannot run fast in the moist soil and fall prey to dog bites.
  • A day-long training camp was held in Jodhpur to hone the skills of villagers volunteering as animal rescuers.
  • Bishnoi volunteers expect wildlife mortality to reduce drastically. Bishnoi Tiger Force chief Ram Pal Bhawad said the community had been demanding such centres for over a decade.

   Source: The Hindu