‘’Paper 4-GS-III, Topic: Infrastructure in India: Energy – Green energy target tough, say officials

Rooftop solar programme making poor progress as it is not cost-effective


  • The government is unlikely to meet its much-publicised target of 175 GW of renewable energy by 2022 due to the poor progress of the rooftop solar programme, according to officials in the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy.
  • The Ministry is also considering increasing the contribution of other sources like biogas and small hydro to make up the difference, they added. Several issues “You see, there are several issues with rooftop solar,” an official in the Ministry told The Hindu on the condition of anonymity.

     The policy issue:

  • It is that the tariff structure right now is such that it is just not remunerative for people to set up rooftop solar.
  • The cost of doing so is higher than the money they stand to make. “The other issue is the use that people put their roofs to.
  • Most roofs in India are flat, and people find several alternative uses for these such as drying clothes, and even hosting parties or meals. There are parts of India where people even sleep on their roofs. So they don’t want to cover that whole space with solar panels,” the official said. New plan the government is aware of these issues and is considering a new plan to incentivise rooftop solar.

   Source: Energy Infra Post

‘’Paper 2-GS-I, Topic: Role of Women in Indian Society – Jamsenpa scripts history, scales Everest twice in 5 days

Mother of two becomes first Indian woman to reach mountain top for fifth time


  • Climber Anshu Jamsenpa on Sunday scripted history by scaling Mount Everest twice within five days.
  • Jamsenpa, a mother of two, had conquered the world’s highest peak for the fourth time on May 16 last. The mountaineer from Arunachal Pradesh began her double ascent on Friday morning, her husband Tsering Wange said. Ms. Jamsenpa, along with Nepali climber Furi Sherpa, scaled the peak at 8 a.m. on Sunday.
  • She set the world record for becoming the first woman climber to reach the top of Mount Everest twice within five days. She is also the first Indian woman to reach the top of the mountain for the fifth time. ‘My only aim’ The 32-year-old had achieved the feat of summiting Mount Everest twice within 10 days in 2011. Ms. Jamsenpa had also climbed it in 2013 from the Nepal side.

   Her only aim:

  • Now is to unfurl the national flag once again atop Mount Everest and pay homage to Lord Buddha. I seek blessings and support from my fellow countrymen,” Ms. Jamsenpa was quoted by her PR manager as having said before starting her second ascent. Prayers were organised in monasteries and temples back home in Arunachal and elsewhere in the region.
  • Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama had flagged off the mountaineer’s double ascent expedition from Guwahati on April 2 this year.

   Source: World News

‘’Paper 4-GS-III, Topic: Security Challenges & their management in border ideas – Explain Gorshkov cost: CIC

Navy asked to disclose reasons for accepting price escalation by Russia

    What you need to know:

  • The Central Information Commission has asked the Navy to disclose the reasons for India agreeing to cost escalation by Russia for purchase of the refurbished aircraft carrier Admiral Gorshkov.
  • The deal for purchasing the now 30-year-old warship renamed INS Vikramaditya was signed in 2004 by the then NDA government for $974 million which was increased to the final price of $2.35 billion in 2010.
  • The commission has also directed the Navy disclose the “net final cost” incurred on the modifications, renovation and remodelling done on the ship, besides dates of payments made by India.
  • The Navy had earlier told the Commission that the information was to be provided by the Defence Ministry, which claimed the relevant files were with the naval headquarters and that they have been asked to disclose the details.
  • Information Commissioner Amitava Bhattacharyya directed the Navy to disclose the file nothings, correspondence, and documents related to the acceptance of cost revisions sought by the Russians.
  • Bhattacharyya noted that the Navy was trying to put the onus of disclosure on the Defence Ministry whereas the Ministry made it clear that the reply was to be furnished by the force.
  • The Commission has ordered the disclosure to be made as it found “larger public interest” was involved.
  • The Ministry and the Navy had withheld the information on the grounds of national security. Mr. Bhattacharyya also directed the Navy to disclose reasons why India chose to opt for a refurbished warship instead of buying a new one.
  • The RTI application was filed by activist Subhash Agrawal who had demanded a range of information on the acquisition of the 44,500-tonne aircraft carrier.
  • The ship was originally commissioned by the erstwhile USSR on December 20, 1987 and was decommissioned in 1996. After being inducted into the Navy as Vikramaditya, the ship is now a floating 284-metre airfield.
  • It is a 20-storey steel mega structure from the keel to the highest point. The ship can carry over 30 aircraft. With 22 decks and a capacity to house 1,600 personnel, the warship can sustain itself at sea for 45 days up to 13,000 km.

    Source: Press Trust of India