GS Paper II –International Relations

GS Paper III – Security challenges and their management in border areas.

China backs fight against terror

What’s Happening-
China expressed support for counter-terror efforts at the United Nations, but stopped short of criticising Pakistan-based terror outfits.

Key Points discussed were:

  • Lu Xinhua, Vice-Chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), gave an assurance that China’s opposition to terrorism was “firm”, and promised more cooperation between India and China across a range of issues such as security and trade.

Mr. Lu said-

  • China itself is a victim of terrorism which has caused great havoc and damage to our national development and the lives of the people and their properties.
  • China stands firmly and closely with the international community in its fight against terrorism
  • However, refused to deal with the role of Pakistan-based terror outfits in cross-border terrorism, and maintained that the role of “third countries” in terrorism should be addressed at a diplomatic level.
  • The bloodshed and brutality of terrorism are against humanity and that is why our position on terrorism remains unremitting and firm.
  • Mr. Lu, a former Vice Foreign Minister (2003-06), is leading the delegation of South-South Cooperation from China to broaden trade ties.

Smoother trade:
Mr. Lu said-
China ties with developing countries, including India do not constitute vicious competition and china want smoother trade among developing countries.
Highlighting China’s willingness to take forward South-South cooperation as defined at the UN.
Mr. Lu said the year ahead will show the path to broader cooperation between India and China in trade and inter-government ties and indicated that both countries are already cooperating in Africa.
He said the 2017 BRICS summit to be held in Xiamen would provide an alternative vision to the post-Brexit world.