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After jallikattu, it is kambala’s turn

What’s Happening-
With an Ordinance promulgated to lift the ban on jallikattu (bull-taming) in Tamil Nadu, the demand for lifting the ban on kambala — buffalo racing — is gaining momentum in coastal Karnataka.

Key Points discussed were:

  • The State government in November last informed the High Court, during the hearing of a PIL petition filed by PETA, that it had withdrawn the permission given to hold kambala based on the Supreme Court’s order on jallikattu.
  • The hearing on the petition is scheduled for January 30.
  • Mr. Kadamba said while the buffalo race was a development in the last four decades, traditional kambala was over 1,000 years old.

Online campaign:

  • Netizens on various social media sites have, meanwhile, started campaigns in support of the traditional practice.
  • Ravikantha Kundapura, a media person, who was among the first to start the campaign.
  • Actor Jaggesh also lent his voice for kambala.
  • “Let there not be a divide — Uttara Karnataka or Dakshina Karnataka. Let us all stand united,” he tweeted.

Kambala an annual Buffalo Race held traditionally under the sponsorship of local land lords and households, in coastal , India.
The Kambala season generally starts in November and lasts till March.
Kambala is traditionally a simple sport which essentially, to entertain rural people of the area.
The ‘track’ used for Kambala is a slushy paddy field.
The contest generally takes place between two pairs of buffaloes, each pair race in wet rice fields, controlled by a whip-lashing farmer.
people place massive bets on the buffaloes.
A ritualistic approach is also there, as some agriculturists race their buffaloes for thanks giving for protecting their animals from diseases.( Vandaru, Choradi villages).
Innovations are made in conducting kambala race and in some places day and night races are arranged under floodlights.