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Transport ministry to explore 6 new mass rapid transportation technologies

What’s Happening-
With an aim to revamp public transportation in the country, the ministry of road transport and highways has sought approval of Niti Aayog to experiment and introduce six latest mass rapid transportation technologies.
E. Sreedharan has also pitched in a proposal for elevated freight rail road.

What is freight rail road?
Elevated corridors would be built with rail lines where freight trucks can be placed and
then they would move on rails at a high speed,
reducing freight time and increasing freight quantity.

Problems with Metro project??
Success of Delhi metro, several metro projects have come with huge investments but they are not successful due to small ridership.
Even state government are adamant.
It gives them alternate, more cost-effective public transportation technologies that are more rapid.

Why we need these??

  • The new technologies are being explored as the current public transportation is unable to resolve the increasing traffic crisis in the country and they are more cost effective.
  • every technology brings new dimension like speed, comfort, saving of resources, etc.
  • India being so dynamic, we have place to accommodate several technologies and not restrict to a few like metro.
  • We have to experiment and such a move can help to resolve several transportation issues.

These technologies include:
Stadler buses,
Pod taxis,
Hybrid buses and
Freight rail road.
pitched by metro-man E. Sreedharan.