Daily Current Affairs Quiz-8th March 2018

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(1) India’s first Multi Skill Development Centre (MSDC) is inaugurated at

a) Jaipur

b) Chandigarh

c) Gorakhpur

d) Dehradun


(2) Consider the correct statement/s regarding National Financial Reporting Authority.

1) It is headed by Prime Minister

2) Establishment expected to result in improved foreign/domestic investments.

3)NFRA will act as an independent regulator for the auditing profession which is one of the key changes brought in by the Companies Act, 2013.

a. Only 1

b. 2 and 3

c. 1, 2 and 3

d. 1 and 3


(3) Recently CEBPOL was in news,it is associates with

A. Defence

B. Environment

C. Health

D. Education


(4) CA|TS was recently in news ,Consider the correct statement/s regarding it.

1)It is new platform for discussion on Cyber security

2)it is brain child of WORLD economic forum discussion

a. Only 1

b. Only 2

c. 1 and 2

d. None


(5) Choose the correct pair/s from the following

1) Chitwal National park -Bhutan

2) Sikhote -Alin Nature Reserve- Russia

3) Silent valley National park-Kerala

A. 1, 2 and 3

B. 2 and 3

C. 1 and 3

D. Only 2


(6) Consider the correct statement/s regarding Kuthiyottam ritual

1) It is a ritual ,performed in Kerala

2) It is a part of UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of humanity list

A. Only 1

B. Only 2

C. 1 and 2

D. None


(7) Rooppur nuclear power plant was recently in news,it is located in

A. Andhra Pradesh

B. Tamil Nadu

C. Nepal

D. Bangladesh


(8) World’s largest solar park, Shakti Sthala is inaugurated in which of the following state

a. Andhra Pradesh

b. Tamil Nadu

c. Kerala

d. Karnataka


(9) Recently Danger Islands was in news ,it is located in

a. Arctic ocean

b. Pacific Ocean

c. Antarctic ocean

d. Atlantic Ocean


(10) Consider the correct statement/s “Namaste Shalom”

1) It was recently launched in ASEAN summit

2) It is a magazine devoted India and ASEAN countries to boost relations

(a) Only 1

(b) Only 2

(c) 1 and 2

(d) None


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