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May 15 to 21, 2017

Write an essay on the following topic in not more than 1000-1200 words:

Empowerment alone cannot help our women

  • Deepak Tomar

    Empowerment is authority or power given to someone to do something. Empowering Women is a primary change agent, but empowerment alone is not enough, first and most important, Change in the mind-Set is required–respect each individual whether female, male or others.
    Women cannot be effectively empowered by statutory provisions or governmental efforts alone. “Women are empowered through — women emancipation movement, education, communication, media, political parties and general awakening.
    This should have been quite easy for a country like India where everyone boasts about their values and belief, but unfortunately the events evidence just the contrary. It is not going to be easy to change the mind-sets, especially when we consider ourselves to be civilized. From the initial stage of upbringing itself, parents need to build that value and belief framework. In later years this should be a part of the education system as well.
    As there have been incidents of police personnel repeating the crime with complainant, protecting the criminals and creating a barrier for women to seek justice, it should be required that such complaints should be dealt by female police. Each police station should have at least one senior female police officer. There should be alternate channels to raise complaints and probably one complaint should be shared or raised with different authorities (for instance a copy to district magistrate, district collector, home ministry, police commissioner etc.) in the hope that they will act honest fearing one or more of the others may not co-operate in hiding the crime.
    Empowerment of women alone is not sufficient; there is a requirement for all individuals to understand that each human being has a right to live with dignity and to have freedom. As part of a civilized society each individual has expectations from rest of the society about how they should behave, and has expectations from society on how he or she should behave. It is not possible to assign a police constable to each woman in the country, whilst they can be asked to be vigilant and try to patrol as much area as possible. Each individual is responsible to raise his / her voice against crime, if there is an incidence in your awareness then do raise alarm and try to help; tomorrow this may happen to someone you care about and someone else may be present to help with similar mind set.
    It is not a spontaneous or an automatic process, but requires consistent and deliberate efforts. It is possible by the combined and coordinated efforts of the people, Government and the women. Some socio-economic and political factors provide the women empowerment.
    1. Acknowledging Women’s Rights: Society should understand that like men, women are also given the equal rights.
    2. Freedom to Take Decisions and Make Choices: Women should have freedom to take decisions like whether to marry or not to marry; and after marriage, the freedom to decide as to how many children that they should have, and so on.
    3. Access to education and Employment: Women can become stronger only with economic and educational power. Only expectations cannot support. Conditions must be generated in such a manner that women can get education easily and later on become employed. Adequate economic freedom is necessary for women to reduce their dependence on men.

    Gone are the days when women used to look down upon themselves. Society is becoming much aware and conscious now. We have fought well against the female feticide which was much prevalent during the 80s. This was the time which led to a deep transformation and has greatly disturbed the male: female ratio in the country. Women have gathered much courage to protect their girl child. Our society has also visualized the women overcoming the social and moral torturous and superstitious customs and tradition like sati, child marriage, etc.
    Women should visualize their power and stand up with utmost confidence to raise a voice against the crime. The violence with respect to the sexual assault and rape cases has highly subdued the power and confidence of women in the society. Males have been overpowering us with their physical strength, though they understand that they will lose the fight if they can compete the women with her will power and intellect.
    Introducing the self defense mechanisms right from the schooling age can help the girls and women to safeguard themselves and those around them from impending danger. To survive in such a cruel flesh eating society, the introduction of compulsory military training to every citizen could do much good. Females would be taught with the self-defense in order to protect themselves from the sadist inhuman evil components roaming in the society and save our motherland from such evil components roaming in the world.
    Creating reservation is definitely not a means of empowerment of the women. Instead, the reservation term itself categorizes women as the weaker section of the society. The reservation rules are a silly tactics by the politicians to gather their vote bank. Allocating the reservations for women right from the difference in the tax slab in the income tax deductions, is of no good sign for a developing nation. Women speak out a lot today regarding the equality, but we can hardly find any voice coming up to remove the rule for reservation.
    To be precise, the women need to understand their positives and negatives to have a confident outlook in the society. The more they can analyze their true failures, the more they can work upon them and get a resolution to overcome the status. Instead of facing the reality in its face, if we try to search for a back door entry for escaping the scenario in an easy and comforting way, then we cannot resolve the current status and help the Indian women in actuality. It is high time for our women to look within self and nourish themselves with the good traits and fight back the evils in the society, instead of cribbing for the reservation and empowerment for women.