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Mitras Ethics Case Study

You head the public relations department of the state’s largest bank. The department is responsible for putting together a quality service recognition program. Your bank’s public relations agency is designing the advertising specialty components for the program targeting the bank’s 10,000 employees. Your spouse owns X Promotions, the largest advertising specialty firm in the state. The company offers the best prices for large orders. X Promotions has supplied products for a number of other accounts of the public relations firm. This is the first time, however, that the public relations firm has used X Promotions for a bank project. The public relations firm does not know that your spouse owns X Promotions. You have not suggested the use of X Promotions. The public relations firm has made its recommendations to you, including using X Promotions as the vendor for the quality service recognition program. What should be your next course of action – with the public relations agency, your management team and your spouse? Also, answer the following:

  1. The ethical issue and/or conflict involved.
  2. Internal/external factors that may influence the decision.
  3. Identify key values.
  4. Identify the parties who will be affected and define the public relations professional’s obligation to each.
  5. Select ethical principles to help the decision making process
  6. Make a decision and justify.

25 marks / 300 words.


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