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Mitras Ethics Case Study

Business leaders and employers need to focus on emotional intelligence, or soft skills, according to international recruitment firm Hays China. Hays CEO Alistair Cox says that the best technical skills and qualifications in the world can be taught, but they will have little impact unless business managers understand what motivates their employees, can communicate with their team effectively and listen.

“Soft skills, or what some call emotional intelligence (EI) are often undervalued by organisations, however ensuring a business has these skills while promoting their value can help it to perform,” Cox said. “Strong EI enables a leader to better understand, motivate and direct people, and as a result their teams are often more focused, productive and happier.”

  1. What are the attributes that define Emotional Intelligence?
  2. Why it is important for a good leader to be emotionally intelligent?

20 marks / 250 words.


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