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Mitras Ethics Case Study

Deepali works in the Human Resource Department in a Marketing firm. Marketing job entails a lot of travel, and accordingly the firm provides for many perks. She finds that some employees engage in activities such as getting doctor’s appointment during office hours, making personal phone calls, using office computer and Internet for personal reasons. As a new employee, she finds this behaviour unethical but her colleagues tell her that since the employees tend to spend so much of their weekday hours on the job, it is all right to engage in some personal work.

Consider the following options and evaluate them:

  1. Strict monitoring of the employees for such unethical behaviour.
  2. Ignoring this issue altogether.
  3. Dismissing the employees who are found to be engaged in such activities on a regular basis.
  4. Reporting the matter to the Departmental head.
  5. Issuing warning to the employees.

20 marks / 250 words.


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