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04 AUGUST, 2017 (MAINS)



Q1. In the wake of rising in the cases of sexual offenses against women in India. Do we need to rethink our philosophy of telling our girls how to behave and start teaching our boys instead? (200 words)


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  • Osho Korde

    “Society teaches Don’t Get Raped rather than Don’t Rape.”
    Here is what boys need to know:
    1. Sexual harassment of any kind is WRONG. Unwanted comments about a person’s body or catcalls on the street are not funny and they are not compliments. It can make a person feel threatened and has been shown to lead to anxiety and body consciousness. Instead of participating in sexual harassment, think about how rude or vulgar comments may make a person feel.
    2. Yes means yes. When determining if someone wants to have sex with you, look for a yes, not the absence of a no. No one should ever pressure or talk someone into sex. While doing so isn’t rape, it is unethical behavior. It’s ideal to only have sex with someone who really wants to have sex with you, and vice versa.
    Among male offenders who rape women, 64% were using alcohol and/or drugs prior to the attack.
    5. You can help reduce rape by speaking up! Some boys harass girls or make rape jokes to impress their friends. Most bystanders chose to stay quiet instead of confront bad behavior because it can be hard to go against the group. One study found that 80% of college men felt uncomfortable when women were belittled or mistreated in their presence, but they didn’t speak up because they thought they were the only one who felt that way.