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10 AUGUST, 2017 (MAINS)



Q1. Why is NSG membership important for India? What are the concerns on getting NSG membership for India? (200 words)


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  • Osho Korde

    The NSG is a multi-national body which aims at reduction of proliferation of nuclear weapons. It is a 48-member body which was established to stop civilian nuclear trade from being used for military purpose.
    Membership of the NSG means:
    1. Access to technology for a range of uses from medicine to building nuclear power plants for India from the NSG which is essentially a traders’ cartel.
    2. With India committed to reducing dependence on fossil fuels and ensuring that 40% of its energy is sourced from renewable and clean sources, there is a pressing need to scale up nuclear power production. This can only happen if India gains access to the NSG.
    3. India could sign the Nuclear nonproliferation treaty and gain access to all this know-how but that would mean giving up its entire nuclear arsenal.
    4. With access to latest technology, India can commercialize the production of nuclear power equipment.
    5. Having the ability to offer its own nuclear power plants to the world means spawning of an entire nuclear industry and related technology development. This could give the Make in India programme a big boost.
    6. Should India get membership to the NSG, it can block Pakistan from its membership as entry into the grouping is by consensus only.

    India’s biggest concern to join NSG comes from China
    • China: NSG members must be signatories to the Non-proliferation treaty (NPT)
    • Also, granting membership to India would further undermine efforts to prevent proliferation
    • It would also infuriate India’s rival Pakistan, which responded to India’s membership bid with one of its own and has the backing of its close ally China
    • India, Pakistan, North Korea, Israel and South Sudan are amongst the countries that aren’t signatories to the NPT
    • Given China’s public opposition, India has been working on whittling down other countries in the NSG in a bid to isolate China
    • Other countries which are said to be opposing Indian membership include New Zealand, Ireland, Turkey, South Africa and Austria.