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10 JUNE, 2017 (MAINS)



Q1.  Comparing Gandhi and Jinnah is extremely difficult. Why is Gandhiji more popular and respected than Muhammed Ali Jinnah? Elucidate. (200 words)


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  • Osho Korde

    • Comparing Gandhi and Jinnah is an extremely complex exercise but important for they were, or rather became, the two foci of the freedom movement.
    • Whereas Muhammed Ali Jinnah was in Indian politics before Gandhi but still was not efficient and adaptive to the needs of people, while Gandhi adapted according to need
    • Muhammed Ali Jinnah was a bit self-centred person who did not like socialising with poor’s and was dressed more like Britishers. Whereas, Gandhi was a simple man, dressed similar to poor people which made poor people to have more faith in him.
    • Gandhi wanted the independence of the nation but Muhammed Ali Jinnah wanted a separate nation for Muslims.
    • Gandhi is father of the Indian. Whereas Jinnah is father of Pakistan.
    • Gandhi actively participated in the independence of India by doing many independence movement
    • While, Jinnah states that he had acquired Pakistan on the basis of a type writer and a clerk. He was not that social and was a bit introvert, who always played it safe.
    • Gandhi was arrested many times while Jinnah was never arrested by Britishers. (which shows the contribution, exposure and struggle to acquire Independence.

    Both are extremely popular and respected, one cannot compare them, unless knowing their history.