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10 OCTOBER, 2017 (MAINS)


Q1. Highlight the objectives of India’s new IPR policy and the major changes from the previous policy. Critically examine its provision in fostering innovation and research in India. Also discuss how it shall contribute to the ‘Make in India’ initiative.


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  • Osho Korde

    The National Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Policy recognises the abundance of creative and innovative energies that flow in India, and the need to tap into and channelise these energies towards a better and brighter future for all. It aims to create and exploit synergies between all forms of intellectual property (IP), concerned statutes and agencies. It sets in place an institutional mechanism for implementation, monitoring and review. It aims to incorporate and adapt global best practices to the Indian scenario.

    a) Accelerates development ,promote entrepreneurship and enhance employment ..
    b) promotes expedited examination.
    c) policy envisages to carry out IP audit in various sections and thereby addressing the needs of the targeted inventors and creators.
    d) Policy advocates IP to be taught in schools and colleges and thereby it develops human resource

    a)Policy recommends scientist and professors to convert all their discoveries into IP which inturn has the potential to curb the free flow of knowledge.
    b) Policy recommends criminalization of unauthorised copying of movies – which is just a civil wrong.
    c) Not understanding the modes of creativity and sharing in “shadow economy ” -the policy leans towards superimposition of formal IP framework.
    d) While IP could accelerate innovation in certain technologies it in turn impedes in others.
    Thus by addressing these radical measures ,national IPR policy is a definite welcome step in the direction of better policy making and legislations related to IPR laws in India

    Thus to See an India where creativity and innovation are stimulated by Intellectual Property for the benefit of all to be achieved through detailed action points. thorough coordinate, guide and oversee implementation and future development of IPRs in India. Futher improving the though addition of missing area in the New IRP in implementation stage will endeavor for a “Creative India; Innovative India”