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12 AUGUST, 2017 (MAINS)



Q1. Should people be judged by the way they dress? What is the role of dress code in setting the nature, tone and working of the institutions? (200 words)


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  • Osho Korde

    Clothes are generally a representation of the culture, emotions, personality, profession and even the belief system of the person. Different cultures attach different notions to different clothes and the colour of the clothes. For example, some see white clothes as a representation of mourning (Hindus) while others wear whit in their marriages and see it as a merry colour (Christians).
    In modern times of pop culture, clothes have even become the representation of the social interests and philosophies of people with the usage of graphics becoming so handy and easy. In fact, clothes are quite often used by people as a show of their political stand with or against any issue. Thus, clothes help a lot to understand a particular person in a general sense.
    However, it has to be kept in mind that a person is much more than what his/her clothes represent. Clothes represent but a small part of a person, which too, can be subjective and susceptible to misinterpretation. Judging a person based on it may lead to many misjudgements as well as prejudices and thus may obstruct and lead astray the actual process of observing and understanding the person.
    Thus, clothes may be a helpful in the process of understanding a person but using them as a base to judge can be very misleading.