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Q1. “Ethics can impose only certain rules which will be followed under given compulsions. But they may be broken, the moment these compulsions are removed.” Examine and suggest some sustainable steps. (200 words)

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  • Osho Korde

    The physical amenities and prosperity achieved through various measures is meaningless if the human beings are not able to ascent from the primitive instincts. While Ethics can ensure outer desired behaviours, they create a mismatch and conflict within the doer, if his/her inner disposition is not consistent with the act. Thus can impose certain rules, codes of conduct superficially only; which will be followed under given compulsions, apparently meeting the requirements. But they may be broken the moment these compulsions are no more.

    However, if sound values are inculcated within, the action outside becomes voluntary, spontaneous and self- motivated.

    Some of the essential characteristics given for achieving effectiveness in any organisation are:
    • Integrity
    • Intelligence
    • Innovativeness
    • Ability to inspire and motivate people and get along well with others.
    • Ability to take a decision
    • Possessing skills of planning and organizing
    • Being personally effective and efficient
    • Having emotional stability and self-control.

    As usual in all such enumeration, there is no reference to the cause or foundation on which such qualities can flourish. The theory of Guna dynamics (along with the law of Karma and concept of samskaras, which are discussed in later chapters) is a fool proof and comprehensive framework for understanding as well as developing human character, bearing the above qualities. In relation to the list of eight characteristics mentioned above, Rajas or Tamas dominated individuals can hardly manifest all or any of these qualities harmoniously or over long spells especially when we know that the essence of Rajas is passion and that of Tamas is moha. These leadership qualities are all rooted in and sustained in awakened Sattwa. In the modern times we as parents (under the influence of Rajasic guna) keep stressing on our children.