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14 JUNE, 2017 (MAINS)



Q1.  Can you consider Clive as the real founder of the British Empire in India? Support your answer with examples. (200 words)


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  • Osho Korde

    Robert Clive was the British administrator and military leader who cemented the economic power that allowed the British Empire to grow, as well as forging the strong connections between India and Britain that still exist today.
    • During those days, the British and French were struggling for control of India, and Clive won several important victories over the French and their Indian allies.
    • In 1757, he led 3,200 troops to victory over 50,000 enemy troops at the Battle of Plassey, giving Britain control their first base in India. They won over the rich province of Bengal.
    • Though Clive began his career as a clerk he won a great repute as a soldier.
    • Clive proved himself to be a daring soldier and a great military genius in battle he fought against:
    I. The siege of Arcotthe recapture of Calcutta.
    II. The capture of Chandranagar.
    III. The victory of Plassey.
    IV. The defeat of Shah Alam.
    V. The Mughal emperor.
    VI. The defeat of the Dutch of Chinsura or the capture of the Northern Circars
    • in every way, he left his impression. He was twice appointed governor of Bengal.
    • In this position, he consolidated British power in India.
    • He purified the administration of the Company by removing various abuses, such as corruption, anarchy and confusion.
    • He introduced dual government in Bengal in 1765

    It was Robert Clive’s strategies, which gave Britisher’s an upper hand against all the odds. Therefore, he can be considered the real founder of British empire in India.