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14 MAY, 2017 (MAINS)



Q1. The Indian party system is passing through a phase of transition which looks to be full of contradictions and paradoxes.” Elaborate on this context. (200 words)


Please write the answer in comments section

  • Osho Korde

    Indian Party System + Paradoxes+ Contradictions = Chaos

    • Political parties want to win votes on the basis of caste, communal-ism and moral conduct.
    • Progress agenda is just an eyewash.
    • If one party talks about communal-ism, the other party reinforces the ideology with its baseless arguments.
    • The alliances are being formed on the basis of establishing rule even their core ideologies are different.
    • Except performing their duties fairly, they indulge in corrupt activities.
    • The partisanship and partiality is hugely practiced.
    • Black money is used during the elections to promote their party and hijack votes.
    • The state of confusion remains as every political party seems to be working for their own selfish gains which reflects in the policy changes by the new government.
    • It continues to trouble us for five years because our apprehension would be that after five years.
    • The regional parties, in the race of national politics have forgotten their own roots. National parties have forgotten their own ideologies.

    In spite of all this we must not leave the hope and wait for the days when this acrimony will fade and when “Politically Positive” will not be a paradox in Indian political system.

  • Ashish

    There is a great dichotomy and dualism in the conduct of parties and their political manifestos. This is evident through the following contexts and examples:
    • Real Political power should lie in the hands of people but leaders try to gain power through factionalism etc. Frequent change of governments in Arunachal Pradesh due to rebel leaders changing their party every few months.
    • Dynastic rule continues unabated in most of the political parties like Gandhi family in Congress or Lalu Yadav’s family in RJD
    • Lack of internal democracy and accountability in the parties even when they seek the same from the Government
    • Coalitions between ideologically opposite parties like in Jammu and Kashmir between BJP & PDP
    • The stand of parties depends on where they sit. For instance BJP was against GST when it was in opposition but now supports it
    • Every political party demands action against black money and corruption but hardly any party is willing to come under RTI. Successive commissions have said that Electoral funding is the major source of corruption and black money
    • Pre-election alliances broken for gain of a few ministerial berths
    A strong economy needs a strong polity. It is high time that our leaders rise above petty considerations and think about real development of the nation.