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15 AUGUST, 2017 (MAINS)



Q1. Terrorist financing has posed a significant challenge in countering terrorism, as financial strength is vital to conduct all terrorist activities. Finance of terrorism has a linkage with other organized crimes. What is the nature of this issue? Suggest policy options to check it. (200 words)


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  • Osho Korde

    Organized crime is described as any group having a corporate structure whose main aim is to obtain money through unlawful activities often surviving on fear and corruption. Today, organized crime is business at large scale that is conducting global commerce for the trafficking of illegal services and products as well as developing the associated supply chains.

    Countering the Financing of Terrorism is a far greater challenge in India, as compared to the US and Europe. This is primarily a result of the nature of the threat and environmental realities. Unlike the US and Europe, where the threat is essentially external and from non-state actors, India faces a cross-section of challenges.

    In Northeast, numbers of insurgent groups over a time have morphed into crime syndicates. All militant group run a similar government or have their areas of influence involved in collecting money directly from people, and from government funds due to missgovernance, government officials are threatened or bribed to award contracts and also important commodities like rice and kerosene are sold to public at much higher rate. There are growing number of extortion, kidnap, contracts, black marketing transnational drugs and arms to finance terrorism. In India, there is infamous entry points from Southeast Asia to India- moreh and Chittagong hill tract especially coxs bazaar. When discussing about Kashmir, unlike northeast reliance of funds from extortion and other related means is minimal. External funds by Pakistan and other countries especially gulf.