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19 OCTOBER, 2017 (MAINS)


Q1. The rate of heinous crime is increasing worldwide and India is no exception. Public anger is increasing simultaneously, and so is the incidence of mob justice. In this context, critically analyze the ethical aspect of mob justice.


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  • Osho Korde

    Ethically in modern liberal democratic society with rule of law, such kind of justice can’t be condoned and tolerated. Such an unruly behaviour is motivated by emotional outburst (revenge, retaliation and anger) of mob or community. The person who is accused is not given fair chance to represent their point of view and collective sentiments works towards use of violence.
    Mob justice lacks the ethical aspect for the following reasons:
    1. A mob is very difficult to control, this is an unorgnised group of people who had come together in response to an action. In a mob, a single person cannot be pointed out as the culprit but involves a large number, which makes the situation difficult for the police and law to control the situation.
    2. Most of the time mob doesn’t have a leader to guide them. People when they join as mob loose their rationality in thinking and carry with others in the aggravated emotional state of the group’s mind.
    One of the major problem being the complex nature of Indian laws and the delay in imparting justice to the victims of unwanted incidences results in the built up of the frustration of the society at large.