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20 AUGUST, 2017 (MAINS)



Q1. Birds are fundamental parts of the structure of the Iliad as well as in the human characters lives, consciousness and conditions. How do you see the difference between doves, eagles and vultures – as ethical and moral categories of different human beings? Which of these personifies the best of the human being? Explain why? (200 words)


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  • Osho Korde

    Birds have incredibly important roles as intermediaries between the human and divine spheres. Bird signs usually occur in situations of danger such as war or before risky journeys. To receive a positive bird sign from the gods at such an important moment was thus a powerful experience that raised the warriors’ fighting spirits and evoked emotions of relief. Having these functions the birds satisfy basic human needs of self-esteem and security.

    Human beings have varied shades and can belong to different categories

    A Dove like human beings is gentle, peace loving, benign, and friendly with everyone. They are innocent and care for others. They take care of others emotions also while taking any decision.

    The eagles are feisty, they are focused and goal oriented, their motive is to focus the task at hand also, they are authoritative. But they can be self-oriented also at times.

    Vultures are predatory. They take benefit of others problem. They are scavengers so they might help in cleaning up the mess.

    The best of human being is a mixture of dove and eagle.

    The qualities of peace loving behaviour caring attitude, high emotional intelligence along with goal focussed attitude of eagle and its feisty attitude are present in the mixture of eagle and dove.