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21 JUNE, 2017 (MAINS)



Q1.  “Those who believe religion and politics are not connected do not understand either” – Do you agree with this? Comment. (200 words)


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  • Osho Korde

    This statement was quoted by M.K. Gandhi, to understand this statement one should actually know ideology of Gandhiji and his real intensions behind saying it.
    Gandhiji thought Religion is the basic fundamental principle which keeps him ready for sacrifice and for which his mind remains active and endlessly awaiting for it. It can not become one with the almighty until it thoroughly identifies the great creator. In short, religion means to believe in well settled moral and ethical governance, thus religion doesn’t differ from morality.
    According to him His religion is sovereign and tolerative, away from superstitious’ and traitors. He doesn’t call it a religion which spreads hate and fights on morality.
    Generally people don’t like to find religion in polity. As in polity everything is fair, even the bad things like cruelty, diplomacy, unfaithfulness and use of power in achieving selfish fruits etc. are taken as medium for success. In international or foreign policy, morality has been slaughtered. As the laws of morality are just confined up to ones own religion and society, and hence to destroy enemies, who engaged in anti-national activities, has been widely accepted as a dignified work and taken adorable.
    The Nobel aim of Gandhiji’s polity was to establish political morality in religion of polity and to bring revolutionary changes in it. It was quite sure, as Gandhiji himself practiced and realized that only truth, non-violence and love can reduce down all the problems in various fields related with humanism.

    I partly agree with statement, if religion brings morality in society than its good , but if it is used to erode the existing government than it is not acceptable.