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24 AUGUST, 2017 (MAINS)



Q1. Progress and change are the only consistent things in life. While acting for ‘change’ and ‘progress’, should we be disappointed because we can do too little? Give reasons. (200 words)


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  • Osho Korde

    Misery arises because we don´t allow change to happen. We cling, we want things to be static. If you love a woman you want her tomorrow too, the same way as she is yours today. That´s how misery arises. Nobody can be certain about the next moment – what to say about tomorrow?

    A man of awareness knows that life is constantly changing. Life is change. There is only one thing permanent, and that is change.

    A man of awareness becomes courageous enough to accept the changing phenomena. In that very acceptance is bliss. Then all is good. Then you are never frustrated.

    You may be living in a palace, but a palace is not happiness; you may be moving in a Rolls Royce, but to move in a Rolls Royce is not to be blissful. You can be as miserable there as anywhere.

    Drop this continuous madness about progress. Everything is good as it is today, and you are here for just now – live it. And if out of your living something happens, it is beautiful – and I say it will happen out of living.

    Don’t call it progress, because the very word is ugly. It is future-oriented. Call it rather growth, not progress. You live this moment, out of that life grows another moment. Then you live it more deeply, because you have learned how to live deeply, you are learning constantly – and each moment becomes more and more intense. Out of each moment another moment is born; out of today is born tomorrow – richer, more blissful, more ecstatic.