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Q1. “People’s level of trust has declined in business, media, government, and NGOs.”Decline in public trust is a global concern today. Explain the reasons as well as implications of this. How can it be restored? (200 words)

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  • Osho Korde

    Citizens’ trust in their governments has much to do with whether the government creates the conditions of fundamental fairness and delivers for all of its constituents. Global inequality has reached staggering proportions, with the wealthiest one percent owning half of the world’s assets, while the bottom half of the global population owns less than one percent. Some political leaders are pitting the biggest losers of globalization – the middle class in developed countries and the poorest in developing countries– against one another. Aid budgets are under attack at a time when global humanitarian needs have never been greater. The media is under pressure all over the world. The political will needed to tackle these challenges appears to be dwindling.

    For Restoring trust:
    Government needs to lead open and transparent debate with all its communities about policy challenges and options. Expertise comes in many forms – technical, political, professional, lived and user expertise. All need to be included in policy debates, particularly in an era of budget constraint.
    Innovation remains the holy grail in public service reform. Public servants continue to draw from non-governmental sectors in their efforts to improve services and outcomes. Trusted innovation relies, however, on accessible and transparent information to users, clear evidence of its operability and participation in development.
    As governments contemplate operating more as enablers of policy and services rather than providers, it becomes hugely important to get the commissioning right. Commissioning is not just another form of contracting or procurement. It requires a comprehensive framework for decision-making and resource allocation.