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Q1. The Home Rule movement created public opinion in favor of Home Rule through public meetings, discussions, reading rooms, propaganda, newspapers and pamphlets. Do you agree? Elaborate. (200 words)

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  • Osho Korde

    Mrs. Besant spread her movement in many ways.
    • A series of lectures were organized in district headquarters, including fund-raising campaigns.
    • She also published a number of books, newspapers, and pamphlets.
    • In her book, How India Wrought for Freedom, she explained the best proof of India’s fitness for Self-Government.
    • In order to spread her idea, she toured a number of places, where she talked about the defective policies of the Government on agriculture, about scarcity of food and growing starvation.
    • The peasants urged her to give wide publicity in her paper to their sufferings, and she agreed to do so.
    • the Home Rulers distributed vernacular pamphlets. In order to spread her movement, Copies of her articles were distributed to the reading rooms, libraries and local clubs.
    • She also propagated her ideas through her two organs, New India and Commonweal.
    • Her writings in the papers were aimed to abolish the abuses present in the British administration, like the poverty faced by the Indians, the unemployment problem among the India’s and the evils present in the administration of justice, army commissions and railway department.
    • In all these fields, she criticized the Governments mercilessly. The propaganda work helped the cry of Home rule to spread to the remotest corners of the land. No wonder, Home Rule Leagues were recognized all over the country.