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27 JULY, 2017 (MAINS)



Q1. What are the benefits of living an ethical life? (200 words)


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  • Ashish

    In every human person there is a deep desire for good. Human
    being by nature tend to good. Each man/woman desires what is best for himself/herself.
    — The ethical principles and moral practices help one to attain what is best, It helps a person to perfect himself/herself as a moral being,
    Morality has to do more with one’s interior self than the practice of some customs or set rules.
    Living in Consonance with principles
    The rational nature of human person makes him/ her aware of certain fundamental principles of logical and moral reasoning. This means that there is not only a subjective aspect to every human action but also an objective one that prompts human person to base himself herself on certain common principles.
    Proper functioning of Society
    The proper functioning of any society needs certain rules and regulations. The conditions of a satisfactory human life for people living in groups could hardly obtain otherwise {neither a “state of nature” nor a “totalitarian state”). The institutions which are designed to make life easier and better for humankind, cannot function without certain moral principles. However, here
    the question of individual freedom can also come in.
    For a good Moral life
    Just like nutrition focuses or our physical health, morality is concerned about our moral health, it seeks to help us determine what will nourish our moral life and what will poison it It seeks to enhance our lives, to help us to
    live better lives.