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29 MAY, 2017 (MAINS)



Q1. Does Politics give birth to communalism or vice versa? Discuss. (200 words)


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  • Ashish

    Communalism refers to the philosophy wherein the interests of one community are considered to be antagonistic with that of the other. So any welfare of one class can only be at the expense of the other
    In the initial stages communalism feeds upon the competition for scarce resources like jobs etc OR existing disparities in society which may be purely coincidental as in Bengal [1905] when Peasants were generally Muslims and landlords belonged to the Hindu community.
    However the spiralling of communalism from its moderate to extremist phase happens only with active collusion of the politicians who resort to communal politics as an easy means for furthering their own interest. For instance Muslim League resorted to communal politics after 1924 as it was not able to garner much seats in elections held for Central legislative Assembly.
    So both use each other for gain at the altar of public interest.

  • Osho Korde

    “everybody is ready to fight for their religion but no one is ready to practice it”
    According to M.K. Gandhi religion is the source of morality.
    Every religion teaches us fraternity, love, non-violence, tolerance, etc. But we still see the problem of communalism arising, we see many communal riots, it’s not the religion that leads to communalism, but it’s the wrong use of religion done by many politicians, priests, etc. for instance we can always see the problem of communalism arising when the elections are nearby.
    Communalism has even led to division of India and Pakistan where Muslims and Hindus fought due to political back push, the problem is not the use of religion in politics but the true problem is the narrow mindedness of people who appropriately don’t know to their own religion (and its principles).
    The use of religion by leaders is like the use of opium against the fellow community, this has led to fight among different communities for power (it’s to acquire control over others community).
    It is the politics that gives a boost to communalism (and communalism also plays the game of politics) but the more radical problem is that no one is aware of their own religion at base (no one knows its principles, aims, morals, etc.), everyone blindly follow their community leader without seeking for the truth.
    Thus, use of religion to acquire power over other can lead to communalism, and hence it can be used as a political reason in politics to acquire power.