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30 OCTOBER, 2017 (MAINS)


Q1. India has introduced a Human DNA Profiling Bill, 2015. What are advantages of DNA profiling? Mention in the context of India. Discuss the various concerns raised in the Bill.


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  • Osho Korde

    Advantages of DNA profiling :

    DNA tests can be applied to any human sample that contains cells with nuclei, such as saliva, semen, urine and hair.
    DNA tests are extremely sensitive, and can be conducted using samples that would be too small for other serological tests.
    DNA is hardy, and resists degeneration even after contamination with chemicals or bacteria.
    The ability of DNA profiling to exclude a suspect means the police are able to confidently drop that line of enquiry and continue their investigation down other avenues.

    various concerns raised in the Bill.
    There are chances that a wrong match is generated.
    If the DNA result is taken as the ultimate evidence, no recourse will be available to an individual who has been wrongly matched.
    Privacy-related objections-main concerns are whose DNA can be collected and under what circumstances, who can access the database etc.
    Information like ancestry or susceptibility to a disease, or other genetic traits, is liable to be misused.
    DNA tests have not led to an improvement in conviction rates in countries where it is already being followed.