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31 JULY, 2017 (MAINS)



Q1. “Overpowering the powerless shows nothing more than a lack of moral principles.”Discuss in the wake of rising cases of ‘Animal Abuse’ in the country. (200 words)


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  • Ashish

    Recently the governments of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka have passed legislations legalising the Jallikattu and Kambala racing respectively.
    Both the legislations were enacted in the wake of widespread demands of the people. But howsoever strong the demand may have been, the underlying things cannot be refuted:
    • Animals have their own life and they cannot be forced to do acts which are liked by other species, namely Homo sapiens.
    • It is against the basic principles of environmental justice under which even animals have rights akin to that of human beings.
    • Human beings have been considered to be the most intelligent species on the planet, but this also bestows a corresponding obligation on them to show compassion towards others.
    • We forget the principle of live and let live when others right to live is violated, for instance in Jallikattu where a group of men overpower a bull in return for a prize.
    • The economic consideration of farmers takes precedence over the right of animals to live.
    • The moral principles have been subdued to the economic principles of profit
    • It is also called as anthropocentric view in which other species are there only as a means to the welfare of human kind. This view ignores the eco-centric view in which every species life is an end in itself.
    Moreover, The large scale sacrifice of animals during festivals etc militates against the basic premise of religions that festivals are times of joy and prosperity. And this case cannot be predicated on the killing of animals