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Q1. Although it is true that India has been an integrated nation since olden times; it is also true that on the present context Gandhian values have special significance for national integration. Examine the relevance of Gandhian values in present times. Substantiate with suitable examples. (200 words)

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  • Osho Korde

    In Indian context, principle of Satyagrah still holds good. Example is Jessica Lal’s case. Through peaceful protest in the form of candle march almost all over the country justice was delivered. Even India’s foreign policy is based on peaceful co-existence and it is reflected in not indulging in aggression first though India remains prepared as the security threats accumulate.

    Gandhiji’s views about sanitation or decentralisation of power or women empowerment or need for basic education for all, every views holds good and is followed presently. Make in India, swach bharat is nothing but self-sufficiency as emphasised by Gandhiji. Individuality and economic independence were two things very close to Gandhiji’s heart. Present trends indicate the best times when both these are at their prime.

    Women empowerment was one of Gandhiji’s main goals. Today Indian women are forerunners in about every field. Today Indian women have international presence whether it is space or sports. Gandhiji’s dream of creating a global India, a country which encompasses technical and intellectual advancements and maintain its identity is blooming true day by day. Today be it IT, medicine or research, India is upgrading its skill to remain in limelight. Indian brains are sought after everywhere

    Gandhian ways and his ideals seem to be the only solution to overcome the present ever-growing problem of terrorism which is leading the world to a doomsday