Importance of GS for IAS

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Indian Administrative service (IAS), the dream of many Indians who want to serve the country on the war level, determined to bring social & economical transformation and aim to revolutionize the development activities from the root level. But, the real path, from the beginning to the end, to reach the ultimate destination is full of challenges. The aspirants must have strong will power, dare, perseverance and sheer dedication to face these challenges and keep their journey continues. Your preparation and academic guidance play a crucial role in it. First of all, you must have the precise knowledge of your entire syllabus & chapters; secondly, you must follow a systematic study approach so that you can concentrate on every subject equally. The entire IAS syllabus consists of general studies, two optional, essay paper and one Indian language and one compulsory English paper. Among all, the focus should be high on general studies for IAS because it apprehends maximum marks with four groups.


It consists of four sections and each section apprehends 250 marks. The better you score in these sections the more chances you have to clear the examination. Here is strategy for each paper according to its syllabus:

Paper I: Indian heritage & culture, geography & history of the world and society
Paper II: Governance, polity, constitution, social Justice and international relations
Paper III: Technology, bio-diversity, economic development, environment, disaster Management and security


The crux of success in these papers is your concept clarity, problem solving approach, speed and accurate time management. Attempting more GS question doesn’t ensure successes, but how many attempts are correct make a difference. If you have attempted less question but all are correct, then it will increase the chance of cracking the examination. Invest your time on making general studies notes as per your own understanding so that you can revise them again and again during the last 2 months of intense preparation. You see, you are paid really well for your hard work.


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Mitra Sir