Indian History: Must Read Articles

Ancient India

Ancient history is one of the most fascinating subjects in UPSC IAS syllabus. Every year at least 5 – 6 questions are asked from this section in the IAS prelims. To grasp the underlying treasure of ancient history, Below notes will helps you.


Chapter 1 Indus Pre-History

Chapter 2 Indus Valley Civilisation

Chapter 3 The Vedic Age

Chapter 4 Buddhism and Jainism

Chapter 5 Mahajanapadas

Chapter 6 The Mauryans

Chapter 7 Post Mauryan Kingdoms

Chapter 8 Early History of South India

Chapter 9 The Gupta Period

Chapter 10 Later Guptas

Chapter 11 Post Gupta Period in South India

Chapter 12 Art and Architecture in Ancient India

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Modern India Notes Click Here