Medieval Indian History: Must Read Articles

History of India forms an important component of the GS Paper I in which Medieval Indian History is implicitly included. Medieval History section is important for the exam as 2-3 questions have regularly been asked in the exam from this section.

The questions that are asked from the Medieval India section in the IAS Prelims GS Paper-I can be of both factual and analytical type. The questions are asked related to various important kings that ruled the country, their policies and administrative systems, the society and the economic system, and other important points related to the empires of Medieval India. Very frequently, questions are asked related to the religious movements of the Medieval Indian period. All these questions can be tackled by systematic study and repeated revisions.

Chapter 1: India between 750-1200 AD

Chapter 2: Establishment and Expansion of the Delhi Sultanate

Chapter 3: Emergence of Regional States in India

Chapter 4: Religious Movements in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries

Chapter 5: Mughal Dynasty

Chapter 6: Administration under the Mughals

Chapter 7: Later Mughals

Chapter 8: Maratha Empire

Chapter 9: European Arrival


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