Modern Indian History: Must Read Articles

Be it for Prelims or Mains, it is important to identify the topics of priority for IAS Exam. Analyzing previous years questions papers, one can reach a conclusion that UPSC ask a major chunk of questions from Modern India, followed by Ancient India.

We are not advising to leave any particular section from Indian History. Never leave any topic completely. But you just need to prioritize things. That’s all. And it that priority list, Modern India should rank first.


Chapter 1: European Penetration and British Conquest of India               

Chapter 2: Major Battles

Chapter 3: British Policies

Chapter 4: Social and Cultural Awakening in India

Chapter 5: Resistance to British Rule

Chapter 6: The Great Revolt of 1857

Chapter 7: Indian Nationalism

Chapter 8: Indian National Congress

Chapter 9: Nationalist Movement 1905-18: Growth of Militant Nationalism

Chapter10:Struggle For Swaraj- I, 1917-19

Chapter11:Struggle for Swaraj-II 1927-47

Chapter12:Constitutional Framework

Chapter13:British Education Policy and Growth of Modern Education

Chapter14: Indian Press under the British Rule
Chapter15: Governor- Generals of India

Chapter16:Indian Princely States


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