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01 AUGUST, 2017 (MAINS)



Q1. Explain the significance of Aristotle’s doctrine of form & matter in his theory of causation. (2014/15)


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  • jaish

    Greek philosopher Aristotle was concerned with the explanation of change and movement of world which plato’s theory of Idea failed to explain.According to Aristotle,plato’s theory of ideas was mythological,poetic and metaphorical and failed to explain changeable world.In this sense,Aristotle wanted to give purposeful explanation of the universe.
    Aristotle’s theory of causation and doctrine of Form and Matter:-
    For human and cosmic production,four causes are involved,that is-Material cause,Efficient cause,Formal cause and final cause.Purpose for production is final cause.Aristotle combined all four causes and reduced it to “FORM” and “MATTER” and it become foundation to explain the changeable world.
    FORM-Universal and common aspect found in all things of same cowness etc.
    MATTER-It has no shape and quality but something to mould to make form.

    1)On the basis of form and matter,Aristotle has explained the change and movement of the world which plato has failed to do.
    2)Form is associated with actualization and Matter is related with potentiality.potentiality changes to actuality and everything in this world arranged in hierarchical form.
    3)According to plato,Ideas or form exist in transcendental world but Aristotle holds a view that Form exits only in particular.therefore substance is concrete individual.Form and Matter are relative to each other.
    4)On the basis of Form And Matter ,Aristotle explained Doctrine of unfoldment,in which matter changes to form and at the top of hierarchy there is matterless form.

    Therefore,doctrine of form and matter play vital role in aristotle philosophy on which he explained the changeable world with potentiality and actuality.