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04 AUGUST, 2017 (MAINS)



Q1. How do you justify rebirth with or without the soul? (2014/10)


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  • jaish

    Rebirth can be defined as taking birth again after death.In indian context,rebirth is most important concept in view of law of karma and process of rebirth will continue till the individual find liberation.
    It is generally believed by different religious philosophies that when soul falls in bondage then cycle of death and birth begins.And causes are accepted as action and kasaya by Jainism and Trishna and avidya by buddhism.
    Rebirth with soul:-
    In this believe,it is accepted that soul is immortal and theory of tranmigration of soul is basis of rebirth.Plato is believed to accept transmigration of soul.Rebirth is accepted in indian philosophy,where independent existence of soul is accepted.In this way,immortality of soul is important to explain the law of karma and rebirth.After death,soul only changes body because it is eternal in nature.Rebirth is transmigration of soul which means soul changes body from one to another.
    Rebirth without soul:-
    According to Buddhism,everything in this world is changeable and soul is not an exeption to this either.Therefore,conception of immortal soul is not accepted here.Though buddhism has accepted rebirth and law of karma.As per buddhism,soul is not eternal and it aggregate of five changeable skandhas.Budhhism has explained continuity of life with the example of flame of lamp.There is cause and effect relation between antecedent and subsequent state of life.

    In other way,carvaka has altogether rejected the concept of rebirth and according to him,soul is also destroyed after death of body,which gives the concept of dehatmvada.
    Hume has also rejected the concept of permanent and eternal soul.