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04 JULY, 2017 (MAINS)



Q1. Explain Hegelian dialectical method and show how it is useful in explaining the historical development process? (2012/15)


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  • Roxy GSD

    Hegel was an idealistic philosopher. He believed the ultimate reality to be the absolute concrete universal. Hegel propounded the dialectic method for the evolution of the world according to which all development/evolution happens through the dialectic process between an idea (thesis)and its opposite idea- which negates the idea (anti thesis). This process results in the synthesis which then becomes the thesis for the next stage and so on…
    Hegelian idealism thus turned the Spinoza’s dictum
    Every determination is negation into a more logically consistent dictum- every negation is determination…
    Later Marx took inspiration from Hegel’s system to develop his materialism dialectic to explain the relationship between the social structures and the economic factors of production.

  • karan

    Hegel’s philosophy was of absolute idealism in which absolute idea is the concrete reality and the supreme spirit in which all dualities are dissolved.. To explain the dynamism and ever evolving nature of the world he took the help of Dialectical Method, which is the pivot of his philosophy .

    According to Hegel, Absolute idea i.e pure reason is Dynamic and continuously unfolding in accordance to the Principle of Negation thus subjecting itself to the Dialectical Method of evolution .This method is superior to Descartes Cartesian method which is static and is unable to explain the dynamism of this world.
    The absolute idea first evolves itself in a positive state of affairs called as thesis, which is only one aspect of pure reason, hence incomplete. To progress further, anti thesis i.e the contradiction of thesis, evolves . They both synthesize to form Synthesis which further enters into a new cycle of thesis, anti- thesis and synthesis, hence achieving higher states thereabout. This process continues till the Absolute idea realizes itself . Hence the aim of Dialectical evolution is the self- realization of the Absolute idea. Further this process is rational hence necessary and also automatic .
    This dialectical method , according to Hegel is Universal hence he explains the progress of all spheres such as economy, history politics etc. with the help of Dialectical process. This explanation is evident in Marx’s derivation of materialism using the Dialectical method . The knowledge attained, is in three levels i.e general knowledge , ideational knowledge and the philosophical view point .