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07 AUGUST, 2017 (MAINS)



Q1. Can it be said that Socialism is a weaker version of Marxism? Discuss. (2011/20)


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  • jaish

    In philosophical sense, socialism includes all those thoughts which support socialisation of property and equality. In this regard, Marxism, utopian and democratic socialism belong to umbrella term socialism. But Lenin has denoted socialism as the dictatorship of proletariat and Ideal communist society as communism and whole thought as Marxism.
    Today socialism is generally regarded as the democratic socialism. However, it is said that socialism is the weaker version of the Marxism by the Marxist philosophers. Even they criticised socialism as the revision of Marxism and describe it as the “Revisionism”.
    According to Marxist philosopher, democratic socialism want to attain the socialisation with the help of institutions and laws but these institutions are itself part of class nature. As per Marxism, capitalism cannot be reformed but it can only be replaced. Therefore it is said by Marxist philosophers that criteria used by the democratic socialisation is ineffective and they will not work. For this reason it is told that socialism is the weaker version of Marxism.
    But there is difference between Marxism and socialism in following manner:
    *Reformative change-democratic socialism
    Revolutionary change-Marxism
    *Peace and democratic means to achieve socialisation- democratic socialism.
    *Democratic socialism supports state as welfare state while Marxism oppose state.
    *Democratic socialism supports class cooperation while Marxism class struggle.

    As a matter of fact, democratic socialization and Marxism is concerned, democratic socialism is better than the Marxism. Marxism practically exist in the form of dictatorship of proletariat and it is characterized by one party rule which undermine the liberty and fraternity while democratic socialism promotes ideals like equality, liberty and justice.It also promotes the multiparty system and fair and free election system.