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07 JULY, 2017 (MAINS)



Q1. What is the central concept in a religion without God? Discuss. (2010/15)


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  • Ashish

    The conception of religion without God is atheism, that is, don’t accept or altogether deny the existence of God. Our rational understanding, knowledge, scientific development and materialistic ideas support this conception. Our knowledge and experience in terms of God and world consists of only material objects.
    Atheism can be divided into Materialistic and Non-materialistic. Former consider matter as the ultimate reality of this universe. It has mechanical explanation with no ultimate aim. It doesn’t see any purpose in creation of this universe. They don’t accept the law of karma. Charvaka and modern scientific views believes in materialistic atheism.
    Non-Materialistic atheism has the teleological explanation. It has a spiritual goal. It accepts values, rebirth, spiritual goal, law of karma and emphasis on the ultimate purpose of the life on earth.
    Moreover, in Indian context religion is generally translated as ‘Dharma’, which comprises morality, performance of duties and social & ethical values. Here, God as a transcendental reality is not necessary as can be seen in Jainism and Buddhism. According to Gandhiji, one may believe in God or not but if he feels kinship with all beings, he is truly religious.
    Hence, the central concept of religion without God is to promote fraternity & morality among human beings, physical & spiritual upliftment etc.