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08 AUGUST, 2017 (MAINS)



Q1. Can the reason be used to justify faith? (2014/15)


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  • jaish

    For the religious person, faith is most crucial and fundamental aspect. It is both a necessary and sufficient condition of religious life. It is said that, there is no religion without faith. Depth of faith and gravity of religious life are interrelated with each other.
    Reason is the internal rational power of persons. It is different from notion of feeling, emotion etc. It is rational thinking. For proper understanding of world, reason plays a vital role. It is also said that reason is one of the source of religious knowledge.

    There are different views regarding the relationship of reason and faith. In one sense reason can be used to justify faith in following ways:
    1) Faith and religion is interrelated and religion is based on Holy Scriptures. To perform duties according to scriptures, faith is must. Here, work of reason to counter the allegation of others which can create problem in faith. To understand the words, prayers etc reason is required. Reason also gives rational outlook to the faith.
    2) Reason is used as a means to show path of faith. As Pascal says that it is reason justifying that being a finite person, we cannot know the infinite god, hence it is more rational to accept god rather than rejecting the existence of god.

    Kant has also maintained harmony between reason and faith.
    Other view is that reason is based on observation and experiment which promotes rational thinking while faith is not based on any observation. In this sense, faith and reason are contradictory to each other.

    As a matter of fact, faith is primary for the religious persons and reason is secondary thing. From the religious point of view, reason can be used to justify the faith.