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09 AUGUST, 2017 (MAINS)



Q1. Give a critical account of Hume’s theory of self. (2013/12 ½)


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  • jaish

    Hume was regarded as most radical empiricist philosopher.His philosophy is aptly regarded as the culmination of empiricism.

    Hume theory of Self:-
    Hume has accepted experience as only valid source of knowledge, therefore he rejected everything which is beyond experience.As per Hume, impressions are the immediate object of experience which is direct,vivid and forceful. Hume has denied the existence of “self” on the basis of the experience.It is said by the Hume that just like we can not experience external substance, in the same way we can not experience the existence of self on the basis of experience.As per Hume, self is nothing but bundle of differing sensation.

    Critical account:-
    *Hume theory of self has concretize the pschycological feelings.
    *Self cannot be object of knowledge.In fact Hume was confused with the difference between knower and known.Self is knower not known.It was criticized by kant.
    *Memory cannot be explained in the absence of permanent self.
    *Hume theory of self cannot explain the process of knowledge.Even association of ideas cannot possible without unifying principle.
    As a matter of fact,Hume was the most consistence empiricist philosopher and did not accept anything which is beyond experience.