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10 AUGUST, 2017 (MAINS)



Q1. Give a critical account of the accept of Citta Vitti in Yoga philosophy.(2013/12 ½)


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  • jaish

    Yoga is defined as the cessation of modification of the citta.This cessation is through meditation or concentration which is also called as Yoga.
    According to the yoga philosophy,Citta is the first evolute of the Prakriti and has predominance od sattva guna.
    Cittavrtti is the modification of citta.Cittavrtti occurs when purusa wrongfully identifies itself in the evolute of the prakriti that ids citta.Purusa is pure consciousness.There are Klista and Aklista cittavrttis and first one is detrimental to the goal of yoga while second is conducive.

    Critical account:
    *It is said by the yoga philosophy that purusa is pure conciousness and prakriti is unconscious in nature.Therefore, evolutes of the prakriti is also unconscious,that is citta.If chitta is unconscious then modification of citta is not explained.
    *It is also said that citta is not real then in that sense modification is also not real.
    *World is evolved when purusa and prakriti come closer to each other,but reason of evolution is not explained,hence evolute of prakriti cannot be explained.

    But it is said overall that yoga philosophy is a great philosophy of spiritual discipline and has greatly appreciated by other school of thoughts.