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11 MAY, 2017(MAINS)



Q1. How are individual and group rights reconciled in the democracy? Explain (2015/10/200 words)


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  • Ashish

    Group rights or collective rights are rights held by group rather than by its members like legal rights, trade unions, political parties etc, whereas, individual rights are rights held by individual people like Fundamental rights, right to vote, human rights etc.

    Liberal governments that respect individual rights often provide for systemic controls that protect individual rights such as a system of due process in criminal justice. Collectivist states are generally considered oppressive because they do not respect individual rights. However, in democracy individual rights are balanced by individual duties. It is the right of the individuals to live in clean environment but simultaneously he/she must abide by his/her duty to not to pollute the environment. Similarly, as a legal right, it is the right of the government to collect taxes and duty of the government is to make judicious use of the amount collected as tax for the betterment of the country and its citizens.

    Moreover, individual and group rights can be reconciled by the legal and constitutional machinery, which provides for proper mechanism to resolve conflicts between claims and counter-claims.