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12 AUGUST, 2017 (MAINS)



Q1. What is the nature of mystical experience? (2013/15)


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  • jaish

    Mystical experience is one of the religious experiences in the purest form. It is most intense experience of the ultimate reality. It is told that ii is most intimate and direct experience of the divine presence. Mystical experience has been experienced in east as well as west. It is different from the ordinary experience. It is completely devoid of all perception, thoughts, emotions, desires which constitute ordinary experience.

    Following are the nature of the mystical experience:
    *Ineffability:-It defies the expressions because adequate report of its content cannot be known. It is beyond rational element.
    *Noetic quality:-It is kind of revelation and illumination. It is insight into the depth of truth. It is subjective yet cognitive who experiences it. It is beyond human reason and experience.
    *Transiency:-It is not permanent experience but it is transient in nature. But it recurs from time to time.
    *Passivity:-The person who feels mystical experience subordinate himself to superpower. In such condition, mystics lose freedom of will.

    As a matter of fact, there are many ways and means to have mystical experience like yoga, meditation, vairagya, prayers, Samadhi etc. However, it is common conception is that mystical experience is related to religious experiences.