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17 MAY, 2017 (MAINS)



Q1. Comment: ‘Movement is contradiction itself’ Examine in this context Hegel’s dialectical method. (2013/12½/200 words)


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  • Ashish

    According to Hegel, Contradiction is the force which helps seed in becoming tree. Had there been no contradictions, seed may not be able to transform into tree. This dynamism is subject to dialectic evolution i.e. principle of contradiction and negation.
    Dialectic method explains this dynamic and evolving world according to some rational plan. It explains this world of change and evolution in terms of unchangeable ideas. According to Hegel, every movement is contradicted by its counter movement and these two movements combined to create synthesis, which contradicts further till self realisation is realised. Hence, dialectic evolution is in the form of TRIAD, the reason manifest itself in some positive state of affairs known as THESIS. In this only one aspect of an object is known, but without the contradiction of this aspect there can be no progress. So, whenever there is progress, evolution, development or growth there must be contradiction of Thesis.
    This negation or contradiction of Thesis is called as ANTI-THESIS. This is also a part of reason so this is also incomplete. Both Thesis and Anti-thesis are related to each other, since Thesis exists only if there is Anti-thesis. When both meet, SYNTHESIS is created. Synthesis occurs to achieve a higher state, again contradictions develop in Synthesis, which now acts as Thesis and Anti-thesis is obtained and finally Synthesis and so on.