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18 JULY, 2017 (MAINS)



Q1. “Man must grow materially as well as spiritually.” Evaluate this statement of Ambedkar.(2015/15)


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  • Shweta Saroj

    Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, in his early life was a very ambitious person. He worked day and night to attain higher education. In spite of all hardships, he never stopped and went to foreign for doing law. He came back to India and saw the poor condition of dalits and himself faced discrimination. Then, he worked for their upliftment with all the efforts he could despite of his family under financial constrain.
    His words that a man must grow materially as well as spiritually reflects the journey of his life. What he means is that a man must work to get a good life but at the end, he should not stop caring for the society also I.e. a good deed is what makes a man spiritual.
    The statement is true to an extent that growing materially gives him a purpose and a direction to work towards and growing spiritually makes him a grounded person.
    But materialism is used as a negative term. It means running towards the pleasures of life and collecting physical things and therefore this statement may be taken wrong.
    This statement must be thought In a positive way and one must understand what Dr ambedkar was trying to convey.