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19 AUGUST, 2017 (MAINS)



Q1. Is social progress possible without humanism? Examine. (2010/15)


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  • jaish

    Humanism is defined as the way of life which is centred on the human welfare and gives the dignified life to the humans. In this interest, human has the highest value. It is the philosophy which explains life and world in the light of human beings.
    Social progress is different from the mere development and growth as it is qualitative, quantitative and involvement of desirability is there. For social progress, dignity of the human being plays a prime role. For social progress, liberty and equity as well as social security are essential factors. In fact, social progress gives the conducive environment for the development of individual personality.
    As the matter of fact, humanism and social progress has the unity of vision that is welfare of human beings. Humanism is summed up as the man is the measure of everything and social progress in this regard supports the dignity and freedom of individuals. Humanism considers the human needs and human welfare as the supreme importance which is in turn important for the social progress. Humanism promotes the mental and physical health as well as education of humans which is important aspects for the social progress. Therefore, in true sense social progress is not possible without humanism and it is also not desirable